Baby Driver

I’m going to let this sink in for just a moment; with a movie jammed packed with sequels and reboots, I was not very interested in this movie that was staring Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx.  Not interested at all.

Oh, Edgar Wright directed it? No, I still don’t want to see it. Remember that stupid cat movie that Kevin Spacey was just in? That is almost enough to make me not want to see it. The title is “Baby Driver,” what a stupid name for a movie.

You want me to watch the trailer? Well, I guess that it isn’t about babies or cats. Didn’t Edgar Wright write this movie as well? I guess I can spare 113 minutes.

Here is your forewarning; it is rated R for a reason: Language, Language, and more Language, and a little bit of gun play. Honestly it kind of reminded me a little bit of “Lucky Number Slevin”…a little bit, not a lot, probably mostly the gun play.

Is this going to be your next movie that you head out to see? Remember, there are not a lot of movies this summer that are not sequels or reboots.  It might be your only chance.

After being coerced into working for a crime boss, a young getaway driver finds himself taking part in a heist doomed to fail. ~ IMDb

baby driver


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