2016 Top 5

According to the videos on YouTube the Small Town Movie Watcher family saw roughly 70 2016 movies.  Some of these we saw at the Movie Theater as a family, some of them we watched on the couch and a lot of them it was just the original Small Town Movie Watcher and some of the time it was only the Small Town Movie Watcher Mama – very seldomly though.

We saw comedies, war, dramas, kids, animation, stop-motion…we even went to the inaugural Lincoln Movie Festival at the movie theater.  Through it all we saw some good movies, and obviously some not so good movies.

In all, our hope was that we were sharing our thoughts on movies from the perspective of a family from a “small” midwestern city (small is relative, I say small and we have 12,000-ish people in our town, the town I grew up in had 4,500 people and Laura grew up in a house on a dirt road).

Here is the Top 5 movies for the Small Town Movie Watcher family, in no particular order:

Captain America: Civil War

There were a lot of Superhero Movies in 2016, my favorite was really a toss up between “Captain America: Civil War” and “Deadpool”, in the end Captain America was the winner, the biggest reason why was because of Spider-Man and Giant Man making their MCU debuts.

The biggest disappointment however for superhero movies in 2016 was, without a doubt, “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice”. So much potential for this movie and it was just a giant disappointment – Superman, good; Batman, great; Batman V. Superman, nasty crap.


Disney is back in their old skool form, with movies from their Pixar division and their traditional Disney Animation Studio.  We all enjoyed “Moana” and “Zootopia” but it ended up with the OG Disney winning out for us this year.

As a bit of thought provoking, useless pop culture facts; there were at least 6 mainstream talking animal animated movies this year: “Zootopia”, “The Secret Life of Pets”, “Storks”, “Sing”, “Finding Dory” and “Ice Age: Collision Course”.  Talking animal animated movies are making a comeback.

Free State of Jones

Again, I have said it a couple of times, I am a fan of History, and I think that “Free State of Jones” was not shy about the Civil War and what some families think during war, even if it was the unpopular stance.

The Hateful 8

There are people that flock to a Quentin Tarantino movie and then there are those that condemn them, and it is usually for the exact same reason.  For me I tend to go to one of his movies because he is telling a good story, and it is usually a very graphic story.  His last few of movies: “The Hateful 8”, “Django Unchained”, “Inglorious Basterds” and “Kill Bill” are great stories but are very graphic in nature.  Isn’t that like most of us? We tell detailed stories? That’s what he is doing with these.


Just kidding on the “Captain America edging out…”. Though these movies are in no particular order, other than being the Top 5, I would say that “Deadpool” would edge our “Captain America” simply because it is a movie that is trying to stay close to it’s source material, it has an impassioned team that have been trying since 2009 to bring this character to the screen correctly – not the weird version that they brought to the world in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”.

It is still uncomfortable to think about that parents brought their children to this Rated R movie though.  It was awkward.


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