The Rest of 2016

For 2016 it was my goal to watch a movie and do a quick 5 – 10 min review of that new release movie from the prospective of a movie watcher from a small town with small town values.  I was doing really great at this, personally speaking, up through September, and then things just got completely and utterly busy.  My real job is fundraising and we are a little busy with fundraising the month of October and then the end of the year, but between there is Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year and it means quality time with my wonderful bride of 13 years and our three kids…with those excuses out there now, I had the time to watch movies (mostly on video) and then not a ton of time to record and write.

Here now you will find the 9 movies that I saw October – November.  Unfortunately I will forego the pleasantries of movie posters and links to IMDb movie pages.  Needless to say it was a long last quarter of the year, heck we had a Star Wars in there and that deserves it’s own write-up, but I just don’t have the energy.

Here is to 2017, hopefully I can on top of it this time.  Heck, I have my first 2017 movie to record, write and post here soon.  It’s a start.


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