The Nice Guys

Here is a movie that I was hoping to see in the movie theater, “The Nice Guys”, but I just have the chance, not because we are a small town and it never got here, but there was just not enough hours in the weeks when it did come to town.  I will admit though that there might have been some bad press and that was skewing my wanting to see this particular movie.  I don’t usually let reviews sway my decisions one way or another.

This is our second later date night for Laura and I, but this time I think everyone in the neighborhood was staying home and using their internet, because the bandwidth was horrible for my movie watching wants.  This is a problem because I am wanting to drop Dish (they have been great for the last 10 years) so that I can save some money, and then I can reallocate those funds to Sling TV (still a Dish company), HULU, Amazon, Netflix or YouTube RED.  The whole idea of A la cart is great, especially if it is content that I want to consume, when I want to consume it.

Anyway, tonight we rented, “The Nice Guys” on Google, but we were having some issues with loading sometimes, but we were able to make it through and watch the whole thing.  Alright, it wasn’t that horrible of lag time, it wasn’t like we were on dial-up and had to start the download at 5am just to watch the first half at 10pm.

So catch our thoughts below and you can decide if it is worth your time and money to get lost in.



One comment

  1. Dan O. · November 16, 2016

    It’s a lot of fun. Nice review.


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