Doctor Strange

Strange Days are calling…that’s a line from The Doors, in case you were wondering.

Recently, I went to see Marvel Studio’s latest big screen offering, Doctor Strange.  I, for the most part, do not spend the extra money on 3D movies, let alone IMAX.  These are mostly features that don’t want to splurge on, especially since I have a perfectly good, brand new, movie theater here in town.  Have you seen the preview for this thing though?  This movie was begging me to be seen in 3D, and since I was going to spend on 3D I might as spend a little more for the IMAX.

Here we have “Doctor Strange”, and here we have Marvel stepping out and saying “yeah, we have the comic that is ‘ok’, and we’re not sure that there could be a following out there to watch this movie, but…we’re going to throw everything we have behind it and make it awesome.”  I will say that I come at Doctor Strange with a little love hate; I love the character, but I have the comic series.  What do I mean?  I mean that I really like the character when he shows up in a large variety of other comics and TV shows, but I really could not ever get into the comic book because it was a little too weird and out there for me (more power to those artists and authors for that weird world that they constantly create and curate for a small populace that like this title).

So, was the 3D and IMAX worth the splurge, was it worth my time?  I’ll let you see for yourself.



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