The Magnificent Seven

I will be honest that I would not think that Westerns were going to be the genre that I would see three times this year, but apparently it is going to be the genre that I see three times this year.  Looking back, I might have watched Adam Sandlers “The Ridiculous Six” in 2016, but it came out in 2015.

When I went into the theater I thought that I might be the only one, which was what happened when I went to see “The Hateful Eight” (eventually it did get a few more people to show up); normally, I will stroll into the theater about 10/15 minutes before the start time (I need to get my popcorn and drink, use the restroom, and pick my prime location), and usually when I get there there are 6 other people that are there (never the same 6), and just before the lights go down there are another 10/12 that might show up.  When I strolled in last night it was 5 mins before show time and I didn’t through my usual routine, and this just threw me off.  When I got to the screen the previews were just starting and there were only 3 other people that were in there, this does not bode well for a 8pm showing.  However, just before the previews ended, a gaggle of high school/college students came in, LOUD; and they were loud for the whole movie.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved “Mystery Science Theater 3000”, but this was a brand new movie, you need to give it a chance before you MST3000 on it.

Here I was though, sitting in a theater with 20 students and 3 other adults, trying to watch this movie.  So, did I like it?  Will you go and watch it?  Is it going to be worth your time and hard earned movie?  Is it the movie that is going to make you want to ride a horse and buy a Colt .45?  Probably not that last one, but maybe the others, but it will be up to you if you want to get lost in this one.



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