#millerbigscreenmovienight is a big deal in our house, or at least I think that it is a big deal.  The boys are excited to pick out the movie.  The daddy is happy to make pizza.  The mama is overjoyed to snuggle her boys on the couch.  There are those times though that we move away from the friendly confines of our house and venture out to the movie theater.


We take our popcorn bucket, and our wallets, and we hit the town for a good night at the theater.  This night we take in the newest family movie “Storks”.  I think that Laura says this, and I might agree, a family animated movie coming out in mid/late September, I don’t think that either one of us had high expectations of this one.

This movie had an “all-star” cast, and clocking in at just under 1hr and 30mins, our kiddos actually stayed within in the perimeter of their seats for the whole movie, and that is a miracle in itself.  What do you think?  You think that this is going to be the next movie that you and/or your family is going to get lost in?



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