The Boss

Happy Labor DAY!  The unofficial last day of summer! Bring on Fall!  I will say that my favorite seasons are the middle/end of Spring and the beginning/middle of Fall.  In that area tends to be my favorite temperature, 70o .  For the Small Town Movie Watcher, Mama though, she loves her hot weather so she can lay out on the beach, but she also likes her cooler/rainy weather so she can snuggle on the couch and bake/make food, brownies and chilies (but not together that would be disgusting, but I did make a chocolate chili one time).

You’re not here though to see what we like and dislike, well, unless it is a movie, and in that case you are in the right location.  This Labor Day we went out to the RedBox and got ourselves a copy of “The Boss”, the first of two and a half Melissa McCarthy movies for 2016.  2.5 you say?!?! Yes, two and half.  The two are easy: The Boss and the rebooted but not rebooted Ghostbusters.  The half is a little trickier, especially if you weren’t expecting it, she was in the last scene, un-credited, cross-eyed and “the one” that got away from Dwayne Johnson in Central Intelligence.

Melissa McCarthy has become one of the comedic actresses that we have no problem going and seeing, on the small screen, when it comes to the big screen it is a little hit and miss.  When I say small screen, I don’t mean television per say, but sometimes I find it better to watch her stuff from the comfort of my couch.  She is hilarious, but sometimes a bit crude, it’s about every-other-one that she is Molly and the other times she is Melissa.  Hilarious to watch though no matter which one is showing up, but you need to pick wisely.

The other star of this comedy has been busy as well, and this is her second of two and a half movies this year as well; and we’ve seen them all.  Kristen Bell has been in: Zootopia, Bad Moms, and The Boss.  Much like Melissa McCarthy about every-other-one you get an Anna (come on now parents, Frozen), and then the other times you get Kristen.

So, we caught this on a holiday weeknight, after supper, practices, baths, story time and snuggles; were we awake enough to enjoy it, or did we fail miserably and it didn’t keep our attention and we fell asleep?  Most importantly, is there enough info for you to decide if you are going to get lost in this movie?

 The Boss


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