Florence Foster Jenkins

Again, gone for two weeks, but apparently I have been on this semi-biographical journey.  I had “Elvis & Nixon” and now I have watched “Florence Foster Jenkins”.

I’m not sure what drew me to wanting to see this movie, but I can say that I had the theater all to myself.  Don’t you just love those moments?  Sit wherever you want; sit however you want to sit, check your phone (this is not a habit that I condone in the least bit, no matter how empty the theater is), talk to yourself…okay, maybe not talk to yourself because when the usher walks in they may think you’re slightly crazy.

Back to what drew me in, again, I’m not positive what it was, but I am a sucker for music movies, historical movies, biographical movies, WW2 movies, Comic book movies and sports movies.  This movie hits on half of those, so that probably explains it right there.

Originally I thought that this movie was supposed to have come out back in April/May and I even say so in my review, but I can’t find that anywhere; it’s August 12th release date must be true.  My very first post was the movie release schedule and I did say that these things are to be fluid and we are at the whim of the movie studios.  Heck, I have on the “Max Steel” and I think that I originally put it on a schedule 2 years ago, and then this year I had “Gambit” and “Jumanji” once upon a time on the list, and they hadn’t even started filming in January (Gambit is now looking like it isn’t going to make it to the theater, and with the current cast setup that isn’t a horrible thing).

Is this a movie that you should get lost in though?  Is this a movie that you can take some time out of your day to enjoy?



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