Elvis & Nixon

It’s been a long two weeks since there was something that was posted here, and it’s not like there was no movie watching for those weeks either, it’s just that school started around here again, started soccer, we had a birthday and an anniversary.  Needless to say our schedules have been in flux for the past two weeks; like I said, it’s not as though we haven’t see any movies…not a lot of recent movies to the theater that is.

Here is a movie that I caught on Amazon Prime while on my little hiatus, Elvis & Nixon.  It has that potential to be a very interesting tale.  The true story of Elvis, the King himself, and Nixon meeting in the White House.  I think that we have all seen the picture at some point in our lives, if not, here you go:


You see, Elvis wanted to do his part for the country and bring down the drug abuse that was running rampant at the time, and he figured that the best way to do that was to be an “official” undercover special agent for the government; complete with badge.

At the same time that Elvis is wanting to do his part, Nixon’s team was trying to figure out how to improve his faltering image…this guy was only in year two of his Presidency but he was already having problems; that was four years before Watergate, which means four years before he ultimately resigns.  To give him is much need boost though was a king to help the President.

You would think that this might be a really good story…you would think.  I am however going to let you decide on your own if this should be a movie that you get lost.



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