Batman: The Killing Joke

Here it is again, I’m a sucker for comic book movies.  This was one of those movies that comic book geeks were “geeking” over when it was announced at New York Comic Con in 2015. Only in 2015?  That can’t be right, can it?  They must have been working on it for a while before the announcement.  To get it announced, animated, voiced, edited and to screening at San Diego Comic Con a year later seems awfully fast, but it might be true.

Anyway, here is a movie based upon DC’s most popular comic book character, in my own opinion, and his most famous arch-nemesis: The Bateman and Joker.  This was an animated adaptation of the graphic novel (for which I own 2 versions of) of the same name.  If you are a serious Batman fan, you own at least a version of this graphic novel.  In my own opinion, this is probably one of the darkest Batman titles out there.

Here is one of the ways that Marvel and DC differ.  For Marvel their television and big screen adaptations live in the same universe and then their animated cartoons live in another universe; Marvel has very few animated movies, but the ones that they do have kind of live off by themselves from everything else or goes to expand the movie/television universe.

Over at DC on the other hand, everything is separated, there is no playing each others sandbox.  Movies belong in the movie universe, television belongs in the television universe and these animated movies are either in their own animated universe or they are a one off and they just don’t belong anywhere.  Now, I do have a theory about DC and all of their universes, and it is that they are actually all connected.  DC is huge in the Multiverse, and The Flash television series introduced that there is a multiverse and that there are infinite possibilities (this is the reason I’m going with and why they have a different Flash for the movies, while they have a very successful Flash on TV).

Here we are though, our second of three Batman movie for 2016: BvS, Batman: The Killing Joke and Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders.  The first Batman of the year I could have waited for it to hit video, but what about this one?  Is this a movie that lives up to it’s source material, is it a movie that you should get lost in? As a PS, I don’t think that I mentioned this, but the voice cast for this version has some of the original voices from Batman: The Animated Series, so kids from the 80’s/90’s you can have that hit you right in the nostalgia button.

batman the killing joke


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