War Dogs

It’s August, it’s the end of summer and I’m pretty certain that the last movies of the summer all came out at once (War Dogs, Kubo and the Two Strings and Ben-Hur).  Now, on Friday night I was debating between these three movies, and what it came down to was the fact that War Dogs was the only one late enough for me to help get everyone to bed and it wasn’t in 3D

This the second movie in the last decade that has dealt with War Mongers specifically dealing with moving munitions from a former Eastern Soviet Bloc nation to a nation in Africa or Middle East.  Can you name it?  I’ll give you 3 guesses…just kidding, it was Lord of War, which stared Nicolas Cage from 2005 (this wasn’t a horrible movie in itself).

With the state of the world, I am kind of surprised that there are not more movies that are dealing with arms dealing.  I understand that the Hollywood “stars” are not fans of war, but I’m surprised that they are not making these movies as a protest…actually now that I type that it doesn’t make sense, so let’s forget that notion.

Is this, however, just going to be another movie that Jonah Hill is high and rich, or is it going to be Jonah Hill turning an excellent performance?  Isn’t that weird to think about? Jonah Hill has two Oscar nominations and a Golden Globe nomination.  Seriously, when he wants to, he can have some acting chops.  However, which performance are you going to get, and is it going to be worth your time and money?

war dogs


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