The Angry Birds Movie

2016 there are 4 movies (Ratchet & Clank, The Angry Birds Movie, War Craft and Assassin’s Creed) that are coming out that are based 100% on video games, in 2017 there are at least 3-4 more…but after this year 2 of those might have had the kibosh put on them.  The Angry Birds Movie is going to be the first movie based on a smartphone app game.

As a general rule I tend to stay away from video game movies.  Anybody remember 1993’s Super Mario Bros?  Now, I did just say that I stay away from video game movies, but I should have said, I tend to stay away from video game movies at the movie theater.  It really is because of Super Mario Bros, and I LOVE that video game.  There might be a few gems out there from the video game realm, but I really can’t think of them (the first Lara Croft, Doom the first Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter; nope, not any of those)  Ohhh…they should do a World War 2 make of Wolfenstein 3d, complete with cyborg Hitler (spoilers for those that have not played that amazing first person shooter).

Luckily we weren’t at the movie theater for this video game movie, we watched it from the comfort of our couch for #millerbigscreenmovienight, our weekly Sunday night family time, complete with from scratch pizza (this week we have chicken bruschetta with fresh mozzarella, fresh from the garden tomatoes and basil).  It’s hard to find family movies this point in time, but we tired this one…”tired” being the optimal word.

Did we like it though?  Is this going to be the next movie you get lost in?

angry birds


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