Pete’s Dragon

Ohh childhood!  Here you go coming back again at me in the movie theater.  This time my childhood is bringing back the Disney movie/musical Pete’s Dragon from 1977.  Originally this movie was a follow up to the success of Disney’s Mary Poppins from a decade prior.  It was taking animation that we all loved and putting it smack-dab in the middle of a live-action Disney musical.

I loved Pete’s Dragon because of the animation, but I also thought that it would be awesome to have a dragon that only I could see…when he wanted, because Elliot (the dragon) was really clumsy, but tended to become clumsier when he wanted to be more helpful.  I think that it was at that point as well that I thought that points in your life can be worked through with song, and also that with a job well done the hero is supposed to get a kiss (of course I still hold to this last part though).

Now, this is a remake, so it doesn’t mean that anything from my childhood actually makes it to this new version, but I can still hope that it does.  Of course I can only hope that they pull grandpa out of the bar in a drunken stupor singing about a dragon and that Elliot’s previous adopted family shows up with a piece of paper singing about a “Bill of Sale”….one can only hope though, one can only hope.


Is this a movie that you should go and get lost in?  Is this a movie that you can bring back your childhood and wish that you had your very own dragon?  That is totally up to you.



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