Miles Ahead

Imagine everything that you read on this post being said by someone with a really really raspy voice, and constantly drunk or high, and that is how you will see this movie.

There are a few movie types that I will make time for, and look forward to a lot of times on my couch; movies about cooking/chefs, sports and biographical music.  Now, these movies are not always in the theater, and they are not always good movies, but there is always this glimmer into a world that I sometimes want to be apart of.

The problem with these movies sometimes is: 1. when it is for cooking/chef that they don’t focus on the food, food is such a highlight of these movies, but when they don’t work that focus is away from what is bringing everyone together. 2. when it is sports movie a lot of times, when I feel it isn’t working, is that they take a specific time in the life of an athlete instead of how they got to where they are and the effects on those around them. 3. For musicians, the thing that ends up not working is that they start in the “present” and that there are a lot flashbacks that include a lot (A LOT) of drug use.

I’m saying the above actions are not what shoots these down, they are what a lot of times keeps me from watching them at the theater and waiting until I can see them at home.  Yet, I continue to make the time for them.

Another thing that can help/hurt one of these movies is when they become a passion project, that’s what this movie is; a passion project from Don Cheadle.  Don Cheadle was the writer, director, executive producer, lead actor, and music composition.  These movie lives and dies with Don Cheadle.  Now that this movie has left the theater (quickly I might say), is it going to be worth your time to watch it, and other your cash from your favorite video/digital store.

miles ahead



  1. Dan O. · August 16, 2016

    Had a good time with this. More than I do with music biopics of this nature. Nice review.


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