The Little Prince

Every year on January 1st I build my list of movies that I want to see for the coming year. This movie, The Little Prince, was supposed to originally be released on the “Big Screen” back on March 18th, and with the look of the animation and the voice cast it could have been big.  However, suddenly, just a few weeks prior to the release the production company pulled it from the schedule releases.  I would say thankfully that Netflix picked it up and saved it by putting it on it’s list of movies.

This movie is based upon a French children’s novella “Le Petit Prince”, written in 1943.  I did not grow up with this book, and I am not even going to pretend that I want to read the original version.  When I saw the previews though, it seemed like a wonderful story and the different animation styles really caught my attention.

Is animation, story and a voice cast enough though to get people to watch?  Somewhere I heard that for a movie to be successful it needed to just have everything, dozens and dozens of pieces, fall into place.  I wonder what those pieces that were not working made the production company pull out of the big screens and move to Netflix?  Whatever the case may be, I am glad to have the opportunity to watch this movie.

As I write this, myself and my family haven’t had the chance to watch this yet, but it really sounds like I am really glowing, but we will leave it up to you and yours if you want to get lost in this movie.

I need to apologize though, because in making The Small Town Movie Watcher, Kids I have a section for “The Worst Part” and put in a different take for “The Best Part”

The Little Prince


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