Suicide Squad

We have reached the pinnacle of summer movie season, I know we haven’t yet hit Labor Day, so we still have 4 more weeks until the end of the summer movie season.  What do we really have to look forward to yet?  Ben-Hur, Pete’s Dragon, Kubo and War Dogs…Well, I guess that there are 4 weeks and I did just list 4 movies, so there is that.

I am going to label this movie our 4th Civil War movie of the summer: BvS, Captain America 3 and X-Men 3B.  If you wanted to get technical, because I am using Civil War kind of loosely, there was a fifth summer movie that was an actual Civil War flick, Free State of Jones.  The big difference in this movie though from the other movies is that this one is bad guy versus bad guy, because haven’t we all wondered at least once “let’s take the burglars, murderers and just plain bad guys and ship them off to war and deal with our enemies since they want to cause a raucous”? No?  Just me?  I don’t think that either, I just thought maybe you did, so I mentioned it.

With summer coming to an end though it means that the bulk of comic book movies is coming to an end as well, leaving us with just Doctor Strange which is coming out in November.  But get ready friends, between November this year and 2020 there are 28 comic movies scheduled for release……..I like my comic books and the comic book movie genre has really been outdoing themselves, but that is 7 movies a year that are going to get pumped into the movie system.

Anyway, that was way off topic.  For now, you can check out the thoughts on DC’s second movie of the year (unless you also count Batman: The Killing Joke).  Is this a movie though that you should spend your money on?  Is it one that you are going to sit with a tub of popcorn and just mindless chow down on it because it is a summer popcorn flick?  Or, is it going to be one that you can skip and catch it on disk or your favorite digital store?  That is all up to you.

Suicide Squad


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