Jason Bourne

“I remember everything…” How many Bourne movies have there been?  5, there have been 5 Bourne movies now.  I also just found out that there was a Bourne Mini-Series on TV as well in 1988.  Bourne is a big deal, and here I thought “Man, Jason Bourne has been a big deal since 2002”.  In reality, Bourne has been a big deal since 1980.

So, Bourne is a big deal, 13 books, 5 movies and 1 mini-series.  Since we are on movie 5, and they seem to be making a ton of cash…it means that there will either be 8 more movies, or Matt Damon will die and we will stop at 5, or they can bring back Jeremy Renner’s character to continue to beat up people and have a limited number of lines, or (there are a lot of “or”s in this post so far) or (bwa-ha-ha-ha) they just get a whole new Jason and reboot (reboot is very popular right now, they’re rebooting everything).

Now that it sounds like I’ve totally hated this movie, here below is my thoughts, and I will leave it to you though if it is worth your hard earned cash at the theater.  So, should you get lost in this movie?

Jason Bourne


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