The Family Fang

I’ve said it time and time again, there are those movies that you are looking forward to and you just miss them in the movie theater for one reason or another.  For us in a small town sometimes it is because the movie is “Indie” in nature/production and they end up being one of three things: 1. Never Showing up 2. Showing for only 1-week 3. Showing up late, I mean way late, like when it is coming out on video late.

The Family Fang was one of those movies that I wanted to see at the Theater, it has a good cast (Jason Bateman, Nicole Kidman, Christopher Walkin), it had an interesting plot, and I liked about every-other-movie by it’s director (Jason Bateman).  So, for all intents and purposes this should be a slam dunk movie for me to go out and see….maybe.

Right now this movie is available on Disc/VOD, it really becomes your decision now, you held out this long, you can almost get this movie for free.  Is this going to be the next movie that you get lost in?  Up to you.

The Family Fang



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  2. CineMuseFilms · December 6, 2016

    This is an original take on an age-old theme; a twisted portrait of parental abuse under the guise of art.


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