Hello, My Name is Doris

I’m pretty sure that Laura hit it on the head the other week, “Date night for us is better at $1.50, than at $50”.  Don’t get me wrong though, I’m pretty certain that if someone wanted to pay for us to go out one night and they were going to front the cost of the babysitter, we would totally take it.  See, I didn’t mention anything else, just the babysitter (they are getting expensive).

Being July now, we are getting those movies that came out at the beginning of the second quarter on disc and VOD, and there were some decent ones that came out then that we had missed, or I thought that we missed, or I thought that they were decent.  It is amazing how fast Hollywood turns a movie around now, this movie, “Hello, My Name is Doris”, came out at that movie theaters April, 2016, and it made it to VOD and Redbox at the end June.

Once upon a time I had worked at a video store and the thought was this “If a movie is a box office smash, the studios would turn it around as fast as possible to let the money train continue to roll.  If a movie was a complete disaster, the studio would do the same, just to try and make their money back that they put into it.  However, if the movie was a moderate success or a holiday movie you might not see it for six months to a year”  Nowadays, due to Netflix and social media, these things are turned around at a lightning pace.

Back to the original thought though, Laura and I got to have a nice night in and we may have enjoyed this little film starring the only movie star in the movie, Sally Fields, but having a large supporting cast of individuals from all over the tv and digital landscape.  It is amazing, and good, that movies, non-horror movies, no longer have to have a cast full of movie only actors.

Here is a movie though, now out on DVD/VOD, that you should think about, think about if you should get lost in this movie.



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