The BFG.  Now here is something I didn’t think that I would see, Steven Spielberg directing a Disney Movie.  At some point it is bound to happen, but when you have your own amazing production company (Amblin) with hits behind you (Jaws, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones…) I wouldn’t have thought that he would be directing a Disney movie.  It is only the beginning though, Mr. Spielberg will be directing the next Indiana Jones installment and as we all know Disney bought the Lucas Film library, which includes Indiana Jones.

Here is a movie however that the Small Town Movie Watcher family was able to go out and enjoy together, and it seems that there are more family movies this year than the previous years, or maybe it’s just that we are on the lookout for them this year.  The other nice part of being able to catch this as a family was that the beautiful midwest summer was missing, and we had more of an overcast, beginning of fall day.

So is this a movie that you should take the whole family to?  Is this the next movie that you can get lost in?  That’s up to you, but maybe we can help you make a decision a little bit.

The BFG.jpg


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