How to be Single

There are times that we are busy in our days and we miss things in the moment.  Thank goodness though movies can be missed, and we get a billion other chances to catch a movie: DVD/Blu-Ray, Video-on-demand and TV. Chances, upon chances, upon chances to to catch a movie that came out earlier that we miss because of life.

We are in a time when a movie isn’t horrible and then just disappear, if a movie is horrible it might leave the theater quickly, but then it ends up on a disc and then ending up online, where it can live forever.  Now, I am not saying that “How to be Single” is a horrible movie, but it is a movie that it may, or may not, have been alright to miss at the theater, but may, or may not, have been worth the $2.00 at RedBox…may or may not.

Now that these past movies are coming out on Discs and VOD we, as the Small Town Movie Watcher family, can catch up on and maybe enjoy on a warm summer night.  So, here is Small Town Movie Watcher, Mama, after watching “How to be Single”.

How to be Single


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