Now You See Me 2

“Now watch closely…pay attention…” The opening of this movie with the voice-over from Morgan Freeman is kind of important…

I had a chance to go and watch this sequel to the 2013 “Now You See Me”.  Who doesn’t like magic?  Hmmm?  I remember growing up and watching David Copperfield and thinking, “that is awesome! How did he do that?” This one trick he did was that you were watching the TV and he said “I going to guess what dot your finger is on on your TV screen” and he had you put your find on the screen and through process of elimination he totally got it right.  Knowing now, because of friends that are “magicians”, it was through the power of suggestion that we happened to have our finger on the specific dot it was to be on.

That is kind of what Jon Chu, the director of the movie, is doing, power of suggestion.  Right in plain site, any number of times the illusions are explained, not verbally (well, once), but they tell you “this” and when they tell you, you’re like “what?!?! that was right in front of me the whole time!”

Also, another great illusion, that I don’t remember reading anywhere, is one of the executive producers.  The legendary, David Copperfield.  I saw that and thought, not once did I read or hear that, but it was there the whole time; in front of my face.

Now You See Me 2


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