Finding Dory

We are in the heart of summer movie season, even though we technically we just entered summer according to the calendar.  Anyway, with the heart of the summer movie season, it also means that it is the first run of Family Movies; I know that we already went and saw Ratchet and Clank (do you count The Jungle Book though? it came out after BvS and there were people that said that that was the beginning of the summer movies…you know what, no, The Jungle Book is not a summer movie) but Ratchet and Clank was the the very beginning of the summer, and the heart of summer is very different, it’s hotter out and more family friendly movies come out to get you to go in the theater doors.

The Small Town Movie Watcher family went out and watched Disney/Pixar’s sequel “Finding Dory” to their 2003 movie “Finding Nemo”.  I make mention of the animation in my thoughts, but I think that it is worth noting, right here, and right now, that if you went back 13 years and compare the animation in the original to the animation here in Finding Dory you will just be in awe.  Disney/Pixar gives you a heads up to this with their animated short just before the movie called “Piper”.  It’s almost like they took a camera crew out to the beach/ocean/shore and just filmed it while overlaying the animation on top of it, the details are amazing, and you really get the feel for it in the short.

With that though, here are the initial thoughts for the Small Town Movie Watcher and the Kids, and the Mama. (if you can’t tell, I’m a little biased towards this movie already and I went in with the thinking “no one was asking for a sequel, and this will be a cash grab like Cars 2”)


Finding Dory


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