Central Intelligence

What happens once in a blue moon in the Small Town Movie Watcher house?  Probably not even once in a blue moon…give up?  The adults in the Small Town Movie Watcher house get to go on a date!  Woo Hoo!  Date Night!  And, what good date night would be complete without a movie?  The answer to that question is none; no good date night is complete without a movie, come on we live in a small town, the movie theater is our entertainment option.

Being the gentleman that I am though, I allowed for my bride to pick our movie for the evening, I already knew what she was going to pick because it has one of her 2 boyfriends in it, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (if there is every a pop quiz on here other boyfriend it is Peyton Manning).  Needless-to-say I reluctantly went to see this movie, and not because she likes The Rock, but because I am not a Kevin Hart fan (I just don’t think that he is fun or a good actor).

We went out, we watched the movie, but did we enjoy it?  Should you go and get lost in this movie?  Press play, and find out.


Central Intelligence


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