Special Correspondents

Here we go.  We’ve made it into May, the “start” to the summer movie season.  Remember when the summer movie season started with Memorial Day, peaked the July 4th weekend and finished out with Labor Day?  Now we get our Summer Movie Season starting the beginning of May and running through the middle/end of September.

I digress though, since I got out to see “Captain America: Civil War” and then immediately followed that up with “Ratchet and Clank“, I decided to watch the Netflix original movie “Special Correspondents”.  Again, remember when you had to go to the video store (I had Video Connection, very popular in Northwest Ohio) to get the latest direct-to-video movie.  I will admit though the quality of movie being produced for direct-to-video is a much higher quality (these are getting produced by even YouTube now, “Lazer Team” and “Dance Camp“).

Small Town Movie Watcher takes in “Special Correspondents” from the comfort of my couch.

Special Correspondents


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