Captain America: Civil War

Here it is, the second Superhero Civil War movie of 2016, the first one of course being “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” (again, not a horrible movie, but a movie that you are better off waiting for it to come to your favorite Video style).  I think that I said in the BvS post that there were three Superhero Civil War-esque movies for 2016, but I do believe that I am adjusting that to 4: BvS, Captain America 3, X-Men: Apocalypse, and then finishing off the 2016 Summer Movies will be Suicide Squad (which is not technically superhero vs superhero, but more supervillein vs supervillein).

Usually I write these opening paragraphs before I record my initial thoughts, and I don’t normally know how long these things will last, 1min, 4min, 9min. I have recently decided that I need to try and keep the videos to around the 1.30min to 2.0 min mark, since analytics say that average viewer is only hanging around for about that amount of time, but since this is a comic book movie, I can make zero guarantees to that fact right now.

So, is Captain America: Civil War with your hard earned cash?  Should you get the popcorn, pop and candy; or skip it all together and go to bed really?



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