Eye in the Sky

Caught my second modern war on terrorism movie tonight, the first being “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi“, and now this one, “Eye in the Sky”.  This time it isn’t the US waiting to be attacked at a consulate in Liberia, this time it’s the British trying to capture two British Nationals and a US citizen roaming in Somalia, which are being tracked by the local government and an American drone (that may or may not need to do the dirty work).

I forgot to mention this in the review, but I had been thinking about it in the movie, the nerds and the gamers are going to rule the world one day.  I’m not sure the itty bitty beetle and humming bird camara drones actually exist, but they are cool, and the fact that the whole operation can take place from a trailer in Las Vegas with a couple of screens and controlers.  And, for another nerd part, there was a lot of on-the-fly calculations and statistics happening, and the instant video and audio communication the was happening, awesome.

So, with all of that (and the review), should you go and get lost in this terrorist hunt movie, or should you pass on it?

Eye in the Sky


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