Like I said with “Eddie the Eagle“, I took in an “Olympic” double feature.  This time we are going further back in time and we are going to change seasons from the Winter Olympics to the Summer Olympics, specifically the ’36 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany.

Wait! What? The 1936 Summer Olympic Games in Germany?  Weren’t the Nazis in charge then?  Why yes, you would be correct.  For me, this movie hits the trifecta: WWII, Biopic and sports.

I know that not many people are going to share the same thought here, but I really do think that this movie should have been released in December 2015 or waited for December 2016 (keeping with the 80th Anniversary of the Nazis getting it handed to them on their own turf) so that it could have been an Oscar contender, but because of it’s February release it will just be forgotten by the time the ballots come out.  What about for you though?  Should this be a movie that you should get lost in?



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