Dance Camp

Small Town Movie Watcher here, and I decided that I was going to forego the trip to the movie theater and catch a double header at home.  I skipped the theater not because there wasn’t anything playing (I would have watched “Risen” or “The Lady in the Van”), but the real reason is because I got brand new popcorn at home.  You don’t even know, or maybe you do, this popcorn is the mushroom popcorn.  It’s that type of popcorn that pops up BIG AND FLUFFY!  It is fantastic.

Anyway, I had a double feature starting with “Dance Camp” one of the first original movies from YouTubeRed, the first one I watched was “Lazer Team“.  This one was created by AwesomenessTV which has 3.4 million followers.  So, should you fire up YouTube, or just get your brand new mushroom popcorn and leave this one alone?

Dance Camp
This was a double feature night, next up is the Netflix “Original” movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Sword of Destiny


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