Lazer Team

Nowadays if you are an online content provider, you are trying to figure out what your next step is.  For YouTube it is YouTubeRED, and unleashing original movies and episodes produced by YouTube itself.  YouTube is putting their money where their mouth is.  Instead of just being a place where 72 hours of content is uploaded every 60 secs, they are going to pay some of their users with the largest audiences to create movies and episodes for YouTube, I should say partially pay.

One of the first four pieces of content created was a movie from Rooster Teeth called Lazer Team.  Rooster Teeth has 8.5mil followers, and their first offering is clocking in at 1 hour and 45 mins, and is a modern day, B Rate, alien attacking Earth, comedy.

Should you find the time to get lost in this movie, or should you by-pass this first offering from YouTubeRED?

Lazer Team
YouTubeRED’s other offerings for the first time out are: Scare Pewdiepie, A Trip to Unicorn Island and Dance Camp.


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