Small Town Movie Watcher

The Small Town Movie Watcher is simple: I’m in a small town, and I watch movies.

My attempt, and it is just an attempt, is to watch a new release movie, post an initial video review, and follow this up with a more thought out review in writing afterwards.  I may also review movies on Digital Media and DVD (Google Play, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, RedBox, and Family Video) and maybe the Movie Theaters that I watch those movies.

I won’t be one of those “critics” or “reviewers” that give the movie a weird rating system or have gimmicks popping up all over the place; I just want to give you an opinion from a movie watcher in a small town if a movie is for your family, maybe it’s for you and your significant other, maybe it’s just for you, or maybe I just sacrificed my price of admission and popcorn/pop (yeah I said pop) so that you can avoid it all together.

By no means am I a professional blogger or a critic. I am just a fan of movies, and their ability to take the audience away to a far off land, and on an adventure that they, the audience, would never be able to go on before.

Grab your Popcorn and here we go.

.popcorn bucket

Small Town Movie Watcher